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Take much of the stress out of the college selection and application process!  

As a professional educational consultant, I am committed to work one-on-one with each student, helping to identify colleges and universities that offer the best matches for the student and their families' unique needs.  It's my job to keep the student on track through every phase of the college application process, ensuring they are in a position of showcasing to colleges a candidate that deserves legitimate consideration for acceptance. 


A good fitting college experience can be a springboard to a young person in terms of lifelong relationships, careers, health, and overall lifestyle.  


It's important for any mentor to make real connections with students by demonstrating insight and offering inspiration along the way.  I have nearly 25 years experience working with teenagers and I have a genuine understanding of the stressful dynamic that can play between parents and kids at this time.  I'm committed to easing that strain.  I have a unique knack for negotiating the needs and interests of parents and students and for helping both find the most authentic path in such an important journey.   


It's my job to get everyone to the finish line! 

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Why hire an educational consultant?

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The goal is to get acceptance in the school that best meets your carefully defined goals and interests and one that is affordable.


Get expert advice and guidance when navigating the very competitive admissions process!


A prompted timeline

Essay editing assistance

Resume assistance

letters of rec guides



I want us to form a partnership that maintains the enjoyment of this exciting time while also saving you time, energy, and stress!

I'm the third party counselor and mentor for both the student and the parents that is priceless!

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