Independent Educational Consulting services

accountability and mentoring that I offer during the application process is priceless!  In addition, I have a keen understanding of personal finance as well as a clear understanding of the demands related to funding a college education.  


The opportunity to bring my expertise and personal insight to your quest in finding a post-high school plan is very exciting to me.  Please call or email if you have questions regarding our services or to schedule a consultation.  I can be reached at 916-316-2151 or



My name is Brandee Ambrosia.  I am thrilled that more and more kids are aiming for higher education.  With that said, this current climate is a game-changer for many because it is more expensive and competitive than ever before.  The need to further ones education or training is obvious.  This is where College Bound Consulting Services will be of help to you.  I have 25 years of experience working with teenagers, as a high school teacher and a multi-level and multi-sport coach.  I can work with college bound kids at any point in their college preparation.  I have a knack for helping kids to become motivated and focussed on their goals. The 


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We can provide the following services...

  • Admissions Process Insight
  • Financial Analysis to include expected costs, sources of funds and overall affordability
  • Application Guidance and Evaluation
  • College Search Assistance
  • Evaluation of High School Activities
  • Guidance for Planning College Visits
  • Timeline Mentoring w/ Accountability
  • Third Party Counsel
  • Subject Area Tutoring and SAT Prep

Brandee Ambrosia - your college consultant

Let us be your guide through this exciting process of stepping into HIGHER EDUCATION!